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  • Welcome to the Xi Chapter
    Lambda Kappa Mu Sorority, Inc.
    Welcome to the Xi Chapter
    Lambda Kappa Mu Sorority, Inc.
    Syracuse, New York
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    Luncheon Crown Plaza
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    LKM Week 2022
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Greetings from the Basileus

We of Xi Chapter welcome you to our local sisterhood of women engaged in service to our community and trying to uplift our community. The ultimate purpose of this organization is to be a blessing to those around us. In doing so, we also inspire and elevate each other.In giving of one's self to enrich another, we in turn raise the spirits of each other. In the sixty-six years of this chapter's existence, there have been numerous opportunities to give and help to improve the quality of life in our city and the county. Our primary goals are to motivate women and youth to reach their greatest potential . We continue to strive towards that goal, evenin the era of a pandemic. Our primary activities over the course of the year are the ability to #nd programs that allow our community to be seen from a di$erent prospective. This has been done through our Youth Achievement Awards and the acknowledgement of the outstanding young people we have. We thank you for visiting with us here and do hope to have the chance to interact with you in the future.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Basileus Evelyn Williams

Evelyn Williams

Evelyn Williams

Xi Chapter Basileus

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